Simple Trouble Shooting Application Now Fixes Everything

10 things to do to fix your computer

I've re-packaged last week's trouble-shooting checklist as an online application.

It's javascript based, web 2.0 friendly, has gradients (but no rounded corners, so it's not fully W2C*).

In case you missed it -- here it is.

I've given some (okay -- way too much) thought to this and have a rough idea about a complete expert-system for trouble shooting all computer problems.

Expert systems that I learnt about way back, in those crazy school days, seemed to be largely focused on medical topics ("male? definitely not pregnant. spots? might be measles."). More recently, circa 2002?, I recall a nifty expert system that could guess any 1970's television show you were thinking of. (Provided it was 'Happy Days' -- which it was).

How about computer problems?

I can envision some kind of wiki-like system where people who have solved their problems can contribute further Q&A to a huge tree of diagnostic trouble-shooting possibilities...

Let me get you started...

Q.1: Is the power on?

A="N"?: Return "Turn the power on."

A="Y"?: Continue to Q.2;

Q.2: Did you turn it off and turn it back on again?

A="N"?: Return "turn it off and turn it back on again."

A="Y"?: Continue to Q.3;

Enough theorising. Check out the trouble-shooting checklist, share it with your loved ones. Use it to solve your computing problems. And be good to each other. Once in a while. Please.

* W2C = Web 2.0 Compliance.


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