Found Time!

There's a malady experienced by some folk, known as 'lost time'.

The condition arises when a chap looks around, stunned, suddenly finding themselves far from home, dressed in someone else's clothes, driving someone else's car, with no memory of how they got there, or what happened in the last 3 months. Time was lost.

Through the law of equilibrium I deduce there must be an equally common condition whereby time is found. Some harried, stressed-out individual is bemoaning the fact that they've got so many tasks and so little time, when suddenly they realise oops! today isn't Thursday -- it's only Monday -- and there's an extra 72 hours of bonus time, delivered from nowhere!

Project managers, of course, live in the optimistic belief that this syndrome will suddenly attack their whole team in spadefulls.

I've even known project manager's to try and slip a whole extra month into their nasty tricksy Gantt charts. ("Umtember" falls between November and December.)

If you happen to be infected with a wicked dose of Found Time, please take careful notes regarding cause and contagion, so your time-poor brethren can benefit.

Thank you.


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