Handy cheat sheet for Visual Source Safe

After seeing this handy cheat sheet for the git version control system, I had to stop and reflect for a moment.

Despite all the attention that distributed version control systems get, I suspect that Visual Source Safe is still the most used source control system in the world.

And is anyone stopping to help the 'silent majority' learn to use their tool of choice, i.e. VSS, just a little better?

With this thought in mind, I've developed

'a handy cheat sheet for Visual Source Safe'

In all seriousness, your code is immensely valuable, and you need to respect that fact. Please use a reliable system.

If you're having trouble moving a sluggish team away from VSS, them move them onto Sourcegear vault. It re-uses the concepts and the look of VSS, but adds in reliability and a lot more.

If you're new to version control, or have projects that don't use *any* version control, get subversion up and running. It's easy to use on every system and it's free.

Git, etc: If you're a candidate for using a DVCS, then you already know all about it and don't need to take advice from an idiot like me.

One other plea: if you have 'little' projects that are 'too small to bother with source control' -- just re-think it.

Hooking up to a free subversion repository is easy, and beneficial. Hard-drives do crash, you know. And sometimes, you do need to roll back, you know.

Cheers and best of luck.


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