ShinyPower is a little C# app i wrote to automate browsing PowerShell's help files.

The source code and a new version are now available at CodePlex.

New Version out now! Works with Powershell Release Candidate 2 -- Available from CodePlex

If you still want to download the old version... well...

Requires PowerShell RC1 and the .Net Framework version 2.0

It's very rough, and is just a proof of concept really.

download ShinyPower!  Download ShinyPower (for RC1) (and then unzip) from here.

Q: Why 'Shiny?' A: Firefly.

Q: Any other C# tools/samples that automate Powershell?

A:This Turtle Logo application [called 'MSH Logo'] is wikid. Also, scott hanselman posted up a snippet recently.

The first step in automating powershell is to add a reference to System.Management.Automation.dll, which (for me) was located in:

C:\Program Files\Windows PowerShell\v1.0\

How to use 'ShinyPower'

how to use Shiny Power
  1. Select the type of help topic you want to read, from the drop down list, top left..
  2. Click on the particular help topic, from the listbox at left.
  3. Read the help (or syntax details) in the panes on the right.

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