Lost Treasures of the DOS World: tree!

I luckily stumbled onto a long forgotten gem today -- the Tree command in DOS.

What does tree do?

Tree promises to:

"Graphically display the directory structure of a drive or path."

Here's the output of tree called on the obj folder of a .net project, for example:


� +---temp
� +---TempPE

It's awesome to see the Graphical power of DOS unleashed!

Here it is with the marvelous 'f' parameter, that also shows files...

>tree /f

� � AboSoftLib.dll
� � AboSoftLib.pdb
� � TSLib.dll
� � TSLib.pdb
� � TSLib.vbproj.FileListAbsolute.txt
� � TSLib.xml
� �
� +---temp
� +---TempPE
� TSLib.dll
� TSLib.vbproj.FileListAbsolute.txt
� TSLib.xml


What joy!

(Now where was I? Ah yes, about to install nc)


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