MMMS: A Map of My Mind-Space

crap wot's on my mind

  1. CleanSweep.Org

    A 100 point test for your life.

  2. Book Lust

    I love a good book. And a book about good books is extra loveable.

  3. Joel API

    Yes, i'll write about this laaaater...

  4. Rss 4 Everything

    The realization that 'Hey... I can use RSS to publish changes to any document management system, any database table, any file system, any store of any sort... and not changes -- but additions, or better yet, deletions too!' inspired by Greg Reinacker's Event Log Rss Feed

  5. Browser Apps -- the leon test


  6. Instant-Messenger App as AI Interface

    Greg Reinacker again and travelmessenger (who combine a fascinating idea with a shockingly bad promotional website).

  7. 'Boycott Bad Browsers' day

    An annual day when web sites deliberately fail for browser's that don't correctly implement w3c standards. (invented by my inner-nazi)

  8. 'Boycott Bad Html' day

    An annual day when we (the web surfers) deliberately avoid websites that don't correctly implement w3c standards [helped by some kind of browser plug in]. (also invented by my inner-nazi)

  9. Smoking cigarettes has now become so thoroughly evil, so universally despised and so commonly lambasted as wrong, stupid and rude, that I am utterly amazed that there is a single 13 year old girl on the planet who isn't partaking of a cigarette at this very moment.

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