Introducing the 'Common Lisp Objection System'

braces... you know, like lisp

Start by using miscategorisation as an objection strategy:

"Lisp is only for AI."

Quickly move on to Common Syntactical Objections:

"Lisp is ugly, Betty! Those terrible braces!"

Try the Turing-tarpit objection:

"I can do everything I need without using lisp."

Try the market-forces objection:

"If lisp is great, then everyone would already be using it."

If all else fails: try an ad hominem attack:

"Lisp is only for smug lisp weenies."

Finally... give in...

embrace the lambda.

(While i'm still dabbling in scheme on my daily commute, and pondering the truth about lisp, I'm not yet a smug lisp weenie myself. But I mis-read the name 'Common Lisp Object System' as 'Common Lisp Objection System' and thought it sounded like a nice title.)


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