A Faster Ruby.

[Devil's Advocate (Dvl) talks to Ruby Advocate (Rby). Inspired by ruby forum discussion, via Scott Hanselman.]

Dvl: Ruby has poor computational performance.

Rby: What? No it doesn't.

Dvl: Yes it does. You ruby people are in denial about the whole topic of Ruby's poor computational speed.

Rby: Denial? What? No we're not! Look over there!

Dvl: Yes you are. Try and say it with me "computational performance."

Rby: Comp... u... tay... What about developer performance, hey? Developer productivity is more important. Elegance, beauty, blah blah, love-ins, simplicity

Dvl: Well if Ruby developers are so damn productive, why can't they write a faster ruby?

Rby (covering ears and shouting): SHUT UP! SHUT UP! SHUT UP!


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