The Project Never Ends

What's the expected completion date for your project? And is that really the end?

Projects never end. This only just occurred to me: projects never end.

Whatever project you're doing -- the end is just the beginning.

Launching a website... maybe it's the beginning of a new business.

Tearing down an old building -- something will be built in its place.

Planning a wedding -- that's just the start of the marriage.

Planning for the birth of a child... is the project over once the tyke is born? (congrats to s&p, by the way ;-))

Dethroning the dictator of a country... sounds like the beginning of a new era, not just the end of an old one.

Maybe your involvement with one project will end and you'll move on to work on others. But the work never stops, the projects never end.

I'm exhausted just thinking about it.

Good luck in all your projects.


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