Sexy New Development Methodology!

(This was going to be a joke... but now I suspect I might actually be serious!?)

Forget Test-Driven Development!


TODO-Driven Development!

Here's the process: (continued....)

    Private Sub Runcommand(CommandText as String)  
      If CommandText <> "" Then
        'TODO: is command valid?
        'TODO: NO: error message...
        'TODO: yes: run the command
        'TODO: handle for blank command 
      End If
    End Sub

You soon get a Task-List like this...

the list of things to do...

(Make sure you've got 'Show-Tasks -> All' selected)

example... shown as a graphic so you see the blue squiggly lines

This will result in a LOT of Compilation errors:

And that's it.

It's almost embarrassing to realise that i often use this process.

(There's also a lot of prior planning, paper prototyping, customer meetings, discussion, procrastination, database design, coffee-drinking, code-generation for sprocs and crud-sproc calls, import of re-usable DAL's, PAG block usage, go PAG!, back-and-forth debates prior to document sign-off, arguments, late-nights, frustration, chatting with friends, sifting through email, scratching in visio, printing things out and leaving them in a heap, scrounging for staples, catching buses, doing back and neck stretches etc., but that's all been left out for simplicity...)

Does giving it a name make it legitimate? Can I write a book on this and do a lecture tour now?


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