VOIP (Voice Over Internet-Protocol), officially real!

After hearing about VOIP for years, we've now got it in my office!

The installation was painless, the ease of use is high, and the benefits seem to be many. (e.g. inter-state calls get routed through our WAN, to cut down costs, internal PC support staff can do what previously required PABX technician call-out fees, integration with the desktop PC is brilliant and so on.)

We've passed the peak of hyperbole, coasted over the gulf of dissappointment and we're finally onto the plateau of utilisation. Ahh, techno-cycles.

(facts: our VOIP hardware is Cisco, and everything was handled by Australian VOIP Legends Data#3 (nice bunch o'folks they are too).

[Disclosure: if you buy off them and mention my name, i may get a bottle of wine three Christmases from now, referer programs not being what they were.]


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