final thoughts for the week

Should I use a GUID for my child's middlename?

A slogan you *should* not use on your splash screen:

After a lot of convincing, I decide to turn on option strict. Next thing a gigantic german woman in a leather apron with a whip appeared behind me and began to shout...

no, i'll stop that idea now.

Conversation overheard via a cubicle wall: "Hey, is taken, yet?" (I love the 'yet')

If life is a spectator sport, where's my hotdog?

Recurrent thoughts concerning the RayChen v MSDN non-debate (I should article-ize this)
"People who like to bet the farm are more interested in betting than farming".

Quick Recommendations

A nice idea at Adtmag:
The Lunch Break Series.
"Portable, Convenient and on Demand: Download an anthology of technology-specific articles in ONE manageable PDF document."

Goals are Important. My new goal is to be listed on the Massless link page

Thank you!

I've now got a G-Mail account, thanks to Joseph Scott. What a champion!

What I *meant* to write about was IronPython and Relax NG. Maybe later.


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