Hello IT Department

At one time in my long and extraordinary career (*cough* today *cough*), I had a problem where an offshore IT department stopped replying to my emails. They had closed a support request as complete when it wasn't, and they ignored my every plea to have it reopened. Here's the email I sent, which successfully reopened the thread of communication.

From: Leon
To: IT Support
Subject: IT Service Desk request number SR0154899389 completed


Please reopen this ticket.

It has been marked as complete but it is not complete.

I have written asking for this to be reopened four times now with no response.

Here is a picture of David Boon.

The pool we are running in the office suggests that I will need to send this email eight times before I do get a response.

Since my money is on just sending it four times, you could help a brother out and respond to me this time. Then I win!

(actual picture may not be David Boon)

You are welcome to reuse it if your plight resembles mine.

Don't worry if you don't know who David Boon is. It kind of helps if you don't. Random inclusion of an unrelated photo seems to be the key factor in inspiring a call to action. I must A/B test this idea against several indifferent IT departments.

(Image of Rob Sitch as an Oz Brother, courtesy of champagne comedy forum).


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