Wicked Podcast Update

Precious subscribers -- promise me you'll never be fool enough to try podcasting!

i've just been woken, on Christmas Eve, one hour before the fat man is due to stuff his sack down my chimney, by a phonecall from a concerned subscriber, informing me that the podcast is not downloadable.

i'm utterly exhausted.

the day started with an 8am champagne breakfast and bloody marys. it ended with nog of the egg, an innumerable succession of celebratory stella artois, a walk around the block to admire the christmas lights, a clutch of carlton extra dry, a brace of tooheys new and a dash of baileys.

But apparently podcasting, that incredible new technology which will be changing our world next year (much like beta video cassettes in 1980) is of such importance that all hangovers must be cast off. So i've roused myself back to perpendicularity, shaken sleep from the eyes, cranked up the thinband internet connection and sent my precious podcast mp3 off to a remote (and generous) hosting server who promises to look after it for me.

Thanks to Gus for looking after it.

It can be safely downloaded from here. Apparently. No need to rename the file or anything.

Merry ******* christmas. I'm off to bed.


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