My Inaugral Podcast!!

I have this hyperactive colleague. He's a problem to everyone around him, me in particular. This week he's inflicted us all with too much podcast hype. So I've recorded a podcast just now and called it 'the used pizza podcast'.

You want to hear this podcast. Because PODCASTING IS THE FUTURE.

Used Pizza is an idea for a restaurant i came up with, just yesterday. The fact that the name of the podcast has nothng to do with the actual podcast is, perhaps, the point.

You have to rename the file to have a .MP3 extension. (My host doesn't let me upload mp3's, so i had to rename the file. If you name it right it *will* work.)

podcast -- rename the file to have an mp3 extension.

Podcasting, in case you are not familiar with the term, is a way of combining the pointlessness of a blog with the hassle of a large audio file. You may know of it from g'day world, dawnanddrew or the daily source code.

This podcast includes samples from a song known only to me as 'Hexstatic -- Ninja Tunes'. I like that song. Ninja Tunes are good. Kid Koala good too.

I've included an 'enclosure' in the rss feed -- but if this causes breakage, then i'll remove it.


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