All the software's a stage

Good showmanship is one part of profitable software. As Shakespeare first said:

Taking the metaphor further, here's how the roles are mapped between theatre and software.

Theatre = Software
Actors and Play = Software and System
Audience = User
Script writer = Coder
Director ="Architect"
Lighting, Costume, Make up artists = Graphic and Interface designers
Producer = Employer or Manager
Promoter = Salesperson
Rotten tomatoes = Abusive email
Clapping, cheering, flowers = Silence.

To stretch the metaphor a little further...

  • A coder who doesn't 'dogfood' their own software is like a scriptwriter who doesn't watch the rehearsals.
  • A software-salesguy who misunderstands the software is like a promoter who bills a romantic comedy as an action adventure, or who says that a big budget sci-fi thriller will be a funny and rewarding musical drama.


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