Life is Upstream

David Attenborough, studying the life cycle of a Business-Logic business logic fighting its way into the database where it shall burrow deep and undisturbed until the ends of time.

(The closing words from a nature documentary about the life-cycle of a Unit of Business-Logic)

(the following is to be read in the voice of David Attenborough)

"And now, the Business-Logic is weary with exhaustion, tired, confused and surely close to death.

"It cannot go on much longer, but at last, the end is in sight, as it has just now reached its final resting place, the database.

"Here, at last -- many tiers from where it started, in the presentation layer of its infancy -- the Business-Logic has entered the sacred grounds in which it shall build its deep burrow, safe from the world, and from which it shall never again be shifted.

"Here, safely sheltered amongst the comforting tangle of stored procedures, the Business-Logic can begin to spawn its own generation of subtle bugs.

"And they, in their turn, shall drift, undetected, downstream, emerging as tiny pupa in the noisy pandemonium of the presentation layer where they too can begin the long journey back home, toward the database far upstream. A journey during which they too shall grow into powerful and sexually mature Business-Logic.

"And so, life begins anew."



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