Common Windows Shortcuts

A One page Reference to Standard Shortcut keys for Windows. You've gotta know these. You've just gotta!

Windows Operating System Shortcut Keys

Alt-Tab Switch application
Windows Key Start menu
Windows+MMinimise all windows
Windows+E Explorer
Ctrl-Esc Windows Key
Ctrl Alt DelWindows Security
Alt F4 Shut down

Windows Applications Shortcut Keys

Ctrl+tabSwitch document
F1 help
Shift+F1Context specific Help
Alt+F4 Close Application
Ctrl+F4 Close document
Ctrl+A Select All
Ctrl C Copy to clipboard
Ctrl F Find/Search
Ctrl H Replace
Ctrl N new Document
Ctrl O Open Document
Ctrl P Print Document
Ctrl S Save Document
Ctrl V Paste From Clipboard
Ctrl X Cut into Clipboard
Ctrl Y Redo
Ctrl Z Undo


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