Stepping out of Luddite Land

i bought my first *EVER* dvd player on the weekend.

it was really intimidating -- the guy in the shop treated me like i had leprosy and was all like, 'ha ha ha welcome to the twenty first century, loser!'

he tried to sell me the most expensive model in the store and was all like, 'this one's got multi-zone, multi-format ZPX 1.3 and various multi-plex decoding emulators that a luddite with leprosy wouldn't understand,' and so on.

and i was all like, 'but what about THAT one, over THERE -- it's retro and groovy looking and only forty dollars and it takes TWO dvd's at once!'

and he was all like 'dude. that's a toaster.'

so i settled on a mid-range DVD unit that plays most formats and only does one piece of toast at a time.

now i just got to wait for Lano and Woodley's DVD to come out (in one week!).


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