Is the remote control a thing of the past?

We humans used to be almighty atheletes, then the TV was invented.

For a time, the only exercise we found was in hopping up to change the channel (this was usually relegated to the youngest member of a family unit)

Time went on and we got lazier still.

The remote control became a must-have for every lounge room.

The next step is to become so lazy that we can no longer reach for a remote control.

We'll use mind-power to control the volume.

Pretty soon, thinking will be too much trouble.

The TV will need to do the thinking. You watch TV -- and TV watches you.

"He's looking bored? Better switch channel."

Automatic volume control will be easy. TV pays attention to the ambient noise level in the room, looks where the audience are seated, and listens to the shows its broadcasting, adjusting to keep everyone comfortable.

Maybe we end up putting ourselves into the matrix, one little feat of laziness at a time.


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