a secretSneak to the quiet readers of secretGeek...

don't blog this anywhere else, m'kay?

i'm working on two new versions of the "world's simplest code generator"

the web version is listed here: wscg

it includes a link to a google group i created: World's Simplest Code Generator where i ask for new 'patterns': go on write a few....

there is a cool new feature i haven't written yet, and oh i haven't included the funky help file i had in mind either... i expect this will be out in time for the 'official' release notice.

[ this version has already been mentioned in the comments at the daily wtf... such non-bliss... :-(... ]

if you are brave and powerful (ahh, go on, I know you are) you can use this new version of the world's simplest code generator to write all your own code.

failing that, plese use your meager allotment of time on this earth to become a software inventor.

Or, failing that, my good dear reader, plese implement some ideas i haven't had time fore: xpl, or ftl or seXml.

(it includes custom 'loops'... and will soon include custom 'constants'...'


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