Let's Go Right Ahead

What bugs you at software presentations?

Most people list complaints such as over-dependence on Powerpoint slides, small unreadable fonts, lecturers that talk too softly, or who mumble, demonstrations that crash.

My own pet peeve is a strange one.

What really bugs me is the phrase: "I'll Just Go Right Ahead And...".

A lot of presenters seem to punctuate their every movement with this phrase.

For example, the lecturer might be demonstrating how sql injection works. The talk will go something like this:

There's nothing all that wrong with the phrase. The problem is that if you start to notice it, then it will really start to irritate you. And when it really starts to irritate you, you will become ultra hyper sensitive too it. And then they'll say it again and you'll start to itch and tremble and you'll want to leap out of your skin and kill the lecturer. Then five minutes will go by where they won't say it, and you'll start to miss it. The suspense will start to kill you. You'll be sitting on the edge of your seat just dying for them to say it one more time. When they finally do, you'll find yourself standing up and cheering. Then you'll sit down quietly and keep taking notes.

So watch our for that one.


How would the opening narration of Star Trek have sounded if Captain Kirk had been a Software Lecturer?


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