Transform Your Children Into Computer Programmers With SourceGear

Eric Sink, in another of his inspired, yet somehow dorky, marketing ploys, wants us to make fools of ourselves by posing as idiots in exchange for free t-shirts.

For example -- poor Craig Andera was tricked into posting this rather sad display:

Craig Andera prostituting himself in order to help with Erics marketing

(available from here in a larger, and therefore dorkier, image.)

The smart people don't lower themselves to this kind of behaviour. Instead, we get our kids to do it ;-)

Here's Lily before she became an evil mastermind:

Not yet a mastermind

Notice the vacant stare and the inability to concentrate on her keyboard.

Here she is after donning a sourceGear shirt and being instantly transformed into a megalomaniacal computer genius/evil mastermind.


(You may recognise her Commodore 64 from earlier adventures, and you may recall sourceGear vault from earlier dragon-dodging escapades).

(um... no offence meant Craig... I know you're not a dork, but rather an "Über Cool Nerd King" [pronounced: 'dörk'])


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