The absolute most fun activity in the world

a plane

(no, it's not what you think.)

When I was but a child, I imagined that the coolest thing in the world would be Flying.

I wanted to be a bird, or, if necessary, a pilot. As things worked out, I never did sprout wings, nor did I learn to fly a plane.

Cut forward to now, I've ended up as a computer programmer. I guess I'll never know just how much fun I'm missing out on.

Luckily, I have a friend who is both a commercial airline pilot and a programmer. (He writes airline safety systems)

He became interested in programming initially for practical reasons; he needed to track information efficiently. But over time, he's really gotten into it. He writes excellent applications.

Here's the thing: he told me recently that programming is more fun than flying a plane.

;-) So there you go. No regrets. Programming is the absolute most fun activity in the world.


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