Amphetamines for Query Analyser

But not the sort of amphetamines that destroy your nervous system and send you to an early grave.

SQL Prompt from red-gate gives you intellisense-style behaviour inside Sql Query Analyser. Amazingly, you can download Sql Prompt for free. Not a time-limited or feature limited version, but the full version. Requires registration -- but if you instruct them not to spam you, they won't.

This is a genuine endorsement by the way, not a sponsored one. ;-)

continues with animation...

Here's a picture of it in action:

SQL Prompt in Action

By the way, if you currently use Enterprise Manager for editing Stored Procedures, I recommend you start using Query Analyser instead. It is years ahead in development. If you haven't used it since SQL 6.5 days, you'll be quite impressed by the progress it's made.)


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