What a week in source code!

I've been working way too hard to notice anything around me. Apparently my mother died. I barely lifted my hands from the keyboard. You know how it is.

But I'm told the two most memorable articles on the webtubes this week are:

Interestingly the first was written by a Canadian. (A what? They're kind of like Americans.) This is the inimitable Justice Gray who is funny, intelligent and just freaking weird. I'm a big fan of his words.

and the second was written by one of those lovable whingers from ShutUpAndCodeBetter, no not the brilliant Sam Gentile or grumpy bum Scott Belware (:-))... rather, the other, nicer, one, Jeremy Miller. I haven't had a chance to read it -- so tell me if Jeremy's train of thought is worth catching. I suspect it is :-) And I do love a bit of ADHD.

Something else I've been enyoing is: QuickUnit.net a really clever "Simple Unit Testing" framework, based on one of my (so-called) 'million dollars ideas', i.e.: Annotating your code with simple tests'". Get it! use it! Experience ultra simple unit testing! Improve it! Keep us updated!

Also: Arjan's World is a nice place to get an almost daily update of what's new. Write to Arjan and ask him to keep up the great work!

In other news, I saw this heading: "Jakob Nielsen says 'don't be like Scoble'" and thought, yep. secretGeek says 'Don't be like Scoble!' Chicks won't dig ya.

Also, Windows Home Server!!! HMMOGMFJCAM! that's a pretty groovy tool! Get this one and join up your whole house, pronto.

Ah, and meanwhile, the excellent Haacked got himself re-skinned.



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