'Try again after midnight'? Yeh, right!

If you've visited secretGeek in the last few days, there's a good chance that all you found was this message:

The daily bandwidth limit for this customer has been exceeded. Try again after midnight, EST.

('Midnight EST,' in case you're stuck wondering, is Midnight in New York, Eleven PM in US central states, 10 PM in Arizona, 5 AM in London [unless they're on summer time, in which case, 6 AM] and 3 PM in Brisbane, Australia, where I am sitting in my cubicle typing this.)

Thanks for your patience if you've put up with this behaviour and *haven't* un-subscribed. I'd give you lollies and other bribes, but alas, i'm stingey.


To get around the bandwidth issue, i've done a bunch of things. I've trimmed the Index page, trimmed the Rss, trimmed the Menu files; and the CSS file is smaller now too. But the problem persists!

Next step is to change the name of my RSS feed from "RSS.XML" to "RSS.ASP" That way I can use server-side script to monitor the traffic a little better. I'll do this as soon as I get the chance and I'll make it easy for you to switch over, if you do subscribe to my feed.

After that, the plan is to start **paying** for bandwidth. I have a strong hatred of giving money to people. But I've pushed Brinkster's excellent free service as far as it will go. So i'm on the prowl now for an ISP that will give me over 30 megs of space and allow me at least 100 meg of traffic each day. I need support for ASP and ASP.net. Brinkster is, of course, one option -- but I may choose a server closer to Australia.

In addition, this site will be finally getting a real domain name -- details to be announced at a later date.

Thanks for sticking around! Loves you all!


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