Got CSV in your javascript? Use agnes.

The only things that will survive the forthcoming nuclear+zombie apocalypse are cockroaches, javascript and CSV.

So I've written an open source javascript library, agnes.js, that the cockroaches can use for dealing with CSV from javascript. And in the brief pre-apocalypse era you can use it too.

Download the zip

I've written before about how CSV starts off looking easy, but quickly descends into a world of insanity. So in javascript land, let agnes handle all the nasty quirks and edge cases (embedded delimiters, qualifiers, nulls and so on).

I wrote a bunch of unit tests to go with it, so you can tell exactly what it does with each weird bit of input you can throw at it.

You can download it from

This was a particularly fun little bus project, and what I like best about agnes is the content you get when you download her.

The readme file has executable examples, that work by having a chunk of code displayed in a div, which is the exact code that is grabbed and executed when you click 'Try it'.

Browse source code

I like the unit tests that come with it, and the little unit test runner. I could've gone really overboard with it, but I stopped myself before it went too far.

And I like the sample that performs Csv to Json conversion, back and forth, back and forth. My favourite part of that is using html entities in the button titles, for left and right arrows.

Try it out

Now that I've got agnes out of the way, hopefully I can focus on my new bilion dollar idea,


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