Never work with thick people.

oh i get it, the road bends one way while the sign says go the other. Thanks to XKCD people actually stop to enjoy the alt text, so from here on i intend to go all out baby, oh yeah! Generally you can expect the alt text to be significantly longer than the article.

A beloved secretGeek reader sent me something, which I assume he wished to be published anonymously as part of my 'ghost blogging' series. Okay Kaj, here goes ;-).

Some people are thick.

And it's not just that they're thick. The thickies have thick problems. And, all too often, the thickies come from thick families. And the thickies choose thick boyfriends, or thick girlfriends, and thick husbands and thick wives. And the thickies' thick families and thick boyfriends and thick husbands and thick wives have thick problems of their own. And they ring up their thickie partners on the telephone to have big thick conversations about the big thick problems in their big thick lives.

Thick people are thick magnets. Thick people solve their thick problems in thick ways that create even thicker thick problems.

Never work with thick people.

Edited for spelling, grammar, brevity and meaning.

In fact the only original word that remains is 'telephone'. It initially covered some kind of convoluted story about how our anonymous contributer failed to fix a printer for his ex-wife, but he went about it in a thick way and I lost interest part way in. Dear Kaj: in response to the extended section (from your original email) where you describe the way democrats, java programmers, and (eventually) even 'lesbias' are (as you assured me) 'rapping' the planet (like eminem, hmmm?) and so on Kaj, I strongly feel the need to tell you: lay off the weed, man. Step away from the internets.

If you too have a story to share anonymously: you know what to do1.

1. Send it to the daily wtf. What do i look like? Alex Papadimoulis?

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