Don't you 'Dare' insult Microsoft

Three strange and interesting reports about Dare Obasanjo have just come light.

(Note: Dare is the main programmer behind RssBandit - an excellent application for keeping up to date with syndicated websites. Dare works for Microsoft)

  1. He just moved the source code for RssBandit from gotdotnet (owned by Microsoft) to sourceforge
  2. he criticised scoble yesterday
  3. his site (25hoursaday) is not working right now!

Has Dare been taken out? Did Scoble put a hit on Dare? Did scoble call up some buddies with big guns and ask them to 'scobleize' Dare??

Something freaky is going on man!

Are the black helicopters circling???

Maybe Torsten has the answers...I'll leave him a few comments see if he knows anything...


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