Following links can be dangerous...

Justin King's blog sent me to a link, and this is the response I got from the network's censorship software...

blocked by webmarshal! TextCensor Script Pornography triggered with total weighting of 10

A weighting of 10! I don't think you can get much higher...

Now i'm definitely going to have to read Zgeek!

Isn't it a touch ironic that in order to protect you from certain words, they get all those words, bunch em together and show them to you all at once?

Surely if you are offended by these particular arrangements of letters, then you'll be even more offended by a webpage like that shown in the graphic above, that seeks out offensive words and throws them all at you in one big sick blast??

If you visit a real porn site, do they scoop together all the dirty pictures and present them as thumbnails, with a message saying something like "Blocked: because of these sick images of grannies in latex: [photo] [picture] and this poor photo of an abused shetland pony [another picture...]" and so on?

In other scary news, here's the two strangest search requests that have sent people to my site recently:

  • nudist+beach+review
  • slang+what+does+hung+like+a+horse+mean

Must inform the wife that I am now a known authority on what it means to be hung like a horse....


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