Can You Fix My Printer?

An old friend of mine is now a senior partner at a large global accounting firm. Apparently he bills his time at something like $600 an hour.

So when he had a BBQ on the week, I enjoyed asking him really detailed questions about what sort of things I could get tax deductions on. What are the specific laws about deducting laptops, computers, pdas and so on. Any answer he gave I'd grill him in detail to try and pick holes in his knowledge. Really helpful stuff, much appreciated.

After a few hours of this, during which time I'd drunk quite a bit of his beer, enjoyed a big meal he prepared, and sampled all sorts of expensive wines from his growing collection, he mentioned that his printer wasn't working. Could I take a quick look at it, it's probably something dead simple, he said.

Your printer? for god's sake. What the hell do you think I am? some kind of bloody 'technician'??

Boy some people are rude. Some friend he turned out to be.

(btw, the facts of this story have been altered for the sake of humour.)


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