Big In Japan!

TimeSnapper has been getting a lot of downloads from Japanese websites.



more info about TimeSnapper...

Seems there are thriving communities of GTD followers all over the world. Some good traffic from as well.

We've also had Italian (+), German and even Russian interest lately, plus way too much traffic from Digg.

I like digg and visit it occasionally (not as much as -- but boy do their commenters jump to conclusions all too quickly. It's worse than the most trollish members of the slashdot crowd.

Still, it's good to get such candid feedback. It's helped us to make some things clearer on our website (such as the fact that no images are taken when the computer is idle).

We're moving toward releasing a version 2.0, which will include a "Professional" edition, which has a modest price tag.

Version 2 will have features that let you automatically receive new releases. I'm a little worried that some people will be freaked out that software designed for monitoring is *also* connecting to the internet automatically. We'll let you disable the feature of course. I just hope that paranoics don't assume we're gathering statistics and selling them to microsoft or ebay or anything. As if they could afford us!

Meanwhile, here's a (link to a) list of links about TimeSnapper, or about similar tools.


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