Your Help is Needed

Geeks (like you and me) often act as 'Family Computer Technicians', called upon to solve the technical issues encountered by our relatives and family friends.

Some excellent articles by Scott Hanselman have fired me up about raising the standard of this help, and improving the security of the PC's we're responsible for.

I want to start a bandwagon. And I want you, my excellent readers, to jump on board.

One day each month (let's say the 3rd day of the month) we will remind each other to achieve certain simple things on our home pc's, and the home pc's of our Mum's, our Dad's, our Uncle's, Aunts, in-laws, grandparents -- any home PC's we come in contact with.

The Goals to be acheived are:

  1. Regular Backups
  2. Anti Virus software: Installed and Up To Date
  3. Internet Firewall enabled
  4. Spam Protection
  5. Spyware Protection
  6. Windows Update Service

If all of that is achieved I think the world will be happier place.

For the first month I want to focus on our own computers. So on the 3rd of September, I'll be trying to focus attention toward backing up home computers.

More to follow -- but let me leave you with this question: when did you last backup your home PC?


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