Persistence Framework for Accepting Nonsense.

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—One million different sites.


"Unauthorised reproduction of this DVD is bad. Opinions expressed do not represent the views of the yada-yada, and you can't show this DVD on a prison oil-rig etc."
—Every time I put in a new Breaking Bad DVD.


There should be just one check box.

Do you get it?
Don't ever ask me again. EVER!

Perhaps at the moment someone turns 18, a representative of the bureaucrat-class could show up at your house with a clipboard and ask:

"Do you get it?"

You sign something, just once, and the lawyers can leave you alone with their repetitive questions.

Perhaps if you paint the top of your door frame with lamb's blood, they'll just tick the "Gets it" box and move on without interrupting your day.

I can't fix the DVD problem, but the cookies on the web problem is easy to fix.

At a browser level, we, the computer peeps, could agree on a micro-format. It's about time we did something useful with the semantic web!

Those nagging cookie questions could have an attribute, a data-cookie-nag='true'. And if, in about:settings you've set the flag for 'I accept that the internet uses cookies and i know how to inspect and or disable them', then the browser will quietly delete that node from the DOM. (Or if it's a form with a single checkbox, check it and submit it).

I see no possible problems or roadblocks to this idea being immediately implemented world wide.

It starts with you. If you are being forced to implement one of those cookie-nag checks, then you can add the micro-data today. There's nothing stopping you.

Once you've done it, you can inform me here:

Once it's implemented on 1000 sites, I'll let you know, so you can patch chrome and firefox to take advantage of it.


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