Free Money For Doin What You Love

Mickey Gunderloy has announced the Larkware 2005 Developer Tool Programming Contest... now I've said before that Very Very few people enter these things, so the potential return on investment is HUGE!.

I urge you -- YOU -- to enter Mike Gunderloy's Programming contest.

If you need an idea, here's one of mine:

Implement the 'Automatic Screenshot journal.'

Here's some possible names for it: Snapsalot, Pixalot, Snapaday, timeSnapper, Pixatime.. and so on

I think it would take between 1 hour and three days to implement that thing fully.

Build a NICE installer for it.

Focus on simplicity. Less features. Fun to use. Stick to the core. Don't let it mess with the clipboard.

Split me your prizes, remember me in your speech, but first: get coding. Our prizes await. as seen on the daily grind


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