Sometimes you frustrate me, Mrs. Reporting Services.

Sometimes you say one thing when you really mean another.

Remember the other day? You said:

"There is an error in the query. Implicit conversion from data type sql_variant to datetime is not allowed. Use the CONVERT function to run this query."

But I pressed the "Edit..." button. The query builder came up and displayed my query. It all looked okay. So I pressed "OK" to close the query builder.

Then you gave me a different message altogether. You changed your story, Mrs Reporting Services.

You said:

"Could not generate a list of fields for the query. Check the query syntax or click refresh fields on the query toolbar. EXECUTE permission denied on object 'queryname', database 'dbname', owner 'dbo'."

Dammit! You tried to trick me, Mrs Reporting Services!

As soon as I granted execute permission to my role for that sproc, you stopped complaining.

Sometimes I wish you'd just tell me the truth right from the start of an argument.

But you're still a very special lady to me, Mrs Reporting Services.

I like your style. I'm sorry I threw that vase at your head.


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