Which came first... the domain model or the human?

I found this article on dzone (and other places) recently... and just wanted to state my counter counter argument argument. The summary at dzone said:

"Never Start With the Data Model

The best systems start with a domain model and work through the various layers of the system down to the database, not the other way around..."

I have a big distaste for thinking of models (Data or Domain models) as something special, or truthful.

Models are just models... shadows, reflections, abstract thought stuff... they aren't the real thing:

Model makers are liars, simplifiers, beautifiers.

Do you want clothes that only fit models?

Software also shouldn't be built just to suit models.

'Models' are a modern spin on that ridiculous old notion of plato's cave. The folly of which is that you end up bending the people to suit the model.

Build on top of models, sure. But expect the model to need many corrections... factor that into your process.

(Breaking news on this subject: Microsoft's SOA vision: 'The model is the application', found via LosTechies, via Interesting Finds)

My preference says -- start anywhere. In fact, you start outside the software. With, you know... real people. The actual software aspect can start anywhere. User interface is a great place to start. So is the business logic layer. So is the database. Everything is open to change.


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