The Next Mike Gunderloy

You know I love Mike Gunderloy as much as any heterosexual, god-fearing, code-loving, dude can love another dude. Which is a lot.

But you also know that Mike Gunderloy has, for ethical reasons, decided to shun microsoft as much as any heterosexual, god-fearing, code-loving, dude can. Which is a lot.

And I respect that. A lot. Word, Mike. Word. But I have the bills. And the cynicism of cynicism, and the 'satire-as-a-defence' and so forth. So I stick with microsoft for the foreseeable.

Furthermore, and far sadder: Mike tells us that by the end of this year he plans to give up writing his popular daily microsoft news blog, 'the daily grind'.

So the search is on -- where can I get my succinct daily fix of news relevant to my dayjob, without having to trawl through all the muck myself?

Who's going to get up early so that I don't have to?

A few contenders have stepped into the arena.... what do you think of them?

I highly recommend all of the above.

But are any of them worthy to be granted:

The Inaugural TimeSnapper Professional 'MikeG.Next' Honorary Award Of Linkblogging Excellence?

This a prestigous prize [I, ah, just invented it, so i should know.] The winner of which will win five (5) timesnapper licenses to distribute on their blog, plus one (1) for themselves.

If any other Micro ISV's want to throw some licenses into the prize pool, please step up! I will thank and link and smile ;-)

Andrew Garrett says this (and a whole lot more) about link blogs:

"A blog that�s nothing but link posts don't serve any real value..."

I disagree altogether. If a link blog is a regular and reliable filter of the endless crap out there, then I think they add tremendous value.

It's a limited market with room for only a few players, yes, but it's of more value than all the social-aggregation populist web 2.0 link sites put together.

In one month's time (September 17) -- we'll look at the nominated linkblogs, and award a prize. Together.

And then, as our wise master said in daily grind 1001:

After Satori, chop wood, carry water.


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