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An interview with my ugly old self was in the sydney morning herald this week, possibly as a consequence of being listed (erroneously) in some top 100 australian blog lists, or possibly as a consequence of being in the smh previously.

This was fun: i only wish i could have linked out to hanselman for inspring the WAF (wife acceptance factor) concept on which the interview was built.

Though the wording at the end implies the opposite, I didn't write to them asking to be published.

A friend of mine claims he has moved beyond html and now sees wpf as the future. He constantly says "the web is dead to me."

While I'm not so extreme in my pronouncements, i'd have to say that print media is dead to me.

Still it was fun to be involved.

Truth be told, i only consider that print media is dead to me as a kind of sarcastic revange against the fact that my awesome comedy sc-fi novel remains unpublished. Damn you, print world! (shakes fist at print world).

Anyone got any contacts in the awesome comedy sc-fi novel publishing world? I've got the hottest damn manuscript, you'd kill to see it, kill bad.

article from sydney morning herald, a few hundred words


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