Sexy New Version: TimeSnapper 2.1, we finally grow up

TimeSnapper 2.1

In the last few days we've slipped out the new version of TimeSnapper, number 2.1, and it's a big jump.

First a wrap up of the new features, then a quick chat about the philosophy of being a Micro-ISV, and so on.

New Features In A Nutshell

New Look n Feel. Here's the new main form:

so attractive you are not afraid to show your friends

I'm sure you'll agree, it's lightyears ahead of the old front screen:

version 2.0

Now Includes a Breakdown of your time

Crucially, you can now view (and export) a breakdown of how your time was spent, thanks to a very versatile grid:

version 2.1 Activity Grid

(We've planned to have a form like this since the very start, and we've rewritten it three times to come up with something good enough to satisfy)

Now, in the 'Day Browser' you can select, and update a "range" of snapshots (rather than just selecting one at a time)

version 2.1 Activity Grid

This is a pretty powerful feature in itself, and we'll be doing more with this in future versions.

Oh, download it, by all means.

There's also a number of little features added specifically to tie in with specific needs of specific customers. We like nothing more than a specific customer and will always do what we can to help.

Okay -- that's it for the professional summary (did you register your copy yet?) now for the discussion.

In fact -- executive decision -- i'll post the next bit as a blog entry all of its own.


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