Stop being walked. Start walking.

Great entry from Chip's Quips, courtesy of Arjan.

"Walking the dogs the other day — or (as everyone I encounter invariably remarks) as they were walking me, I began to see that activity as a metaphor for my life: barely under control, unable to slow down, being dragged along by others. Suddenly I planted my feet and pulled back hard on the leash. Halley and Harry [the dogs] turned back in surprise to inquire into the cause of this unaccustomed demonstration of my will. I made them walk at a slower pace the rest of the way, and I felt a resolve to do the same for my life. To take back control."

I hear you Chip!

There's so much rush and ferment and movement around us; it's easy to be swept along with the tide. But in truth, there is no tide. It's your body, your mind. Choose your own adventure, Chip.


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