HOT GUIDS: A hot or not site for guids

Social software seems to be going into a lot of niche areas lately. I thought I'd try and jump ahead of the next wave and build my own social website:

HOT GUIDS - Socializing the Guid

HOT GUIDS - Socializing the Guid

Finally there's a place where people can vote on and discuss their favorite guids.

I've built in pretty much all the best social features. You can vote on a guid, see other votes for a guid, adopt a guid, or email a guid to your friends. And if you get sick of the guid you're looking at: with the click of a button you can move onto a whole new guid.

I'm trying to really take the long tail of human interest by storm. If I get just one customer for each guid, then I'll get... oh I don't know, it must be a *lot* of hits.

Thanks to Stack Overflow for the guid generating snippet. The web template started out the same as 'CreditCardOlogy' but with a little (Powerpoint + MSPaint + PngOut) I took it to a new place entirely.

If you're unsure what any of this is about, please read about guids (& UUIDs) at wikipedia, or try running this Simple Proof That Guid is not Unique.

And make sure email me if you see any particular delicious looking guids. There's some beauties out there.


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