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MSN Messenger would not shut down, and I got a messagebox warning that other software might be using it. Amongst the possible culprits, a new (to me) piece of software was listed: ThreeDegrees.

So I looked into what this (microsoft sponsored) piece of software is, and what it does.

If you're interested in emerging technologies (and I know you are) then I recommend you check out the demo of three degrees. Microsoft snapped it up with good reason.

Go to the threedegrees downloads page and click on the "check out the 3 degrees demo" graphic in the lower middle of the page.

It's a different, more 'youf-oriented' variety of 'social software', that facilitates 'online-parties'. Sounds embarrasingly uncool, i know, but stick with me.

I'm interested in the style of simultaneous group communication it facilitates.

Some capabilities are:

  • Collaborate in groups of up to ten people
  • Listen to the same music at the same time as each other. (anyone can add/remove songs from a shared playlist).
  • Send/receive little animated images to/from the group (these are called 'winks'). Everyone receives the same images at the same time.
  • Integrates with MSN Messenger to enable conversations.
  • Enable group photo/file sharing.

The only blog mention I could find of 'threedegrees' (or 'three degrees') was at discombobulated prolix, (courtesy of technorati) -- the blog of a fifteen year old australian, Phillip Bryant.


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