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I really really like the social bookmarking (linking) tool: is... very... y'know, delicious. But the more I visit it, the more I see certain Biases of the crowd.

They love to procrastinate. (Actually, they probably HATE to procrastinate, but they do it any way.) Articles about procrastination occur again and again.

They love CSS and Javascript. (Call it DHTML if you must, u old-skool phool). Delicious itself relies on a nifty CSS trick (commonly linked items show up a brighter shade of pink) hence, the site acts as a magnet for CSS and javascipt fans (myself included).

Fans of a computing system known as, I think, the Apple Macintosh (?) or 'Mac' seem to have a large representation there. And they seem to also attract people interested in graphic design. users like talking about (other) systems for social bookmarking and (of course) blogging. And they loving finding new information.

But putting their biases aside, they are a very loosely connected group of people, really, who continually bring a variety of fascinating stories to the fore.

You find all kinds of things there. When you want to find something new and interesting I recommend A handy tool for finding news, storing links and working out what sort of CSS is being spat out from javascript written by Mac designers busy procrastinating over their blogs about social bookmarking.

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