The Future of Music, MP3s and Moods. Or not.

Mac interfaces are pretty damn cool.

Check out this mp3 playa called 'moodLogic'

the interface for a mp3 player that lets you assign and select moods for your music. click for a larger image

i don't know how it works, but i think the mood bar in the middle must be pivotal to its operation.

Aggressive | Upbeat | Happy | Romantic | Mellow | Sad

Aggressive | Upbeat | Happy | Romantic | Mellow | Sad

While this is a, um... nice summary of the full emotional spectrum it is certainly missing a few of my own favourite moods including:

  • lustful
  • embarrassed
  • wallowing in regret
  • wistful
  • sobbing hysterically
  • terrified
  • silly
  • bemused
  • shocked
  • insulted
  • jaunty
  • bored into a stupor
  • gassy
  • drunk
  • deep in thought
  • busting to pee

And of course, real people (like you and I) are not simple creatures. We often experience combinations of the above moods. Perhaps:

  • frightened, lustful and sobbing hysterically.


  • drunk, jaunty and busting to pee.

and the all too common:

  • happy yet, at the same time, sad. And just busting to pee.

I guess the Emotional Sciences still have a lot of work to do in the realm of classifying MP3's.


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