How To Read "Functional Programming For The Rest of Us" For The Rest of Us

The article "Functional Programming For The Rest of Us" is a great article, but it scares people off because it is long and has a very very slow start.

But it can be read quickly, if you follow these instructions.

First: Learn this little definition:

Got it? Functions in, functions out. Rather than your typical values in, values out.

Now -- when you go to read Functional Programming For The Rest of Us, don't start at the beginning. Here's a link that takes you to the right place to start, a few pages in:

Start here!

This way you'll be starting at the subheading that looks like this:

Functional Programming (subheading)

The style settles down from there, and you won't need to read about Plato taking a walk in the park. Unless you want to, of course ;-)


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