Smartjelly Improvements

I've improved smartjelly's commenting engine, so people can write comments more reliably (and more safely). There were flaws in there previously that would have allowed an XSS attack to succeed, and some formatting ugliness that had to go. It's incredible how much effort is required to get the little things right. Next step is to allow comments to be posted at the end of an article (rather than in a separate page) as this makes the commenting more interactive.

a very simple change, but one I like is that now there's a message telling you that html isn't allowed. I hate when feedback forms give no indication of whether HTML is or is not allowed.

So what happens now when you leave a comment is I html encode your comment(so all tags are turned into 'literal' tags), and i append a <br/> tag to any carriage-returns.

Also, comments now give you the exact time (rather than just the date) when the comment was made (in GMT).

There are about a dozen other 'behind-the-scenes' improvements to commenting, and still literally hundreds of other improvements I'd like to make to SmartJelly. But it's hard to work on it, when it's written in 'traditional' ASP (a doomed technology). If I had a viable server, I'd rewrite the thing in tomorrow., unlike ASP, is a thing of true beauty.

On the topic of blog comments, I've given some thought and will write something constructive about this after I've had a long nap


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