"Dot-Net Awareness" Day!

Every second rate charity seems to have its own special day, when poor office Jills and Johnnies are forced to Dress Like Idiots for an Inconsequential Reason.

In an effort not to be left behind in this world of Idea Viruses, I'd like to propose that Microsoft DotNet should have its very own day, with stupid costumes to boot.

Dress as your favourite namespace for 'Dot Net' Awareness Day!

To try and shock those managerial executives who continually resist upgrading from legacy applications into dotNet, why not dress as a Demon from the DLL Hell!?

Or to show the light, why not attach some angelic wings and dress as a heavenly Assembly with click-once deployment?

Can't afford an expensive costume? Why not dress as the Garbage Collector? Sure to be a hit with the ladies! Or you could dress as the Global Assembly Cache and eat all the doughnuts. Why limit yourself to just one doughnut? Thanks to side-by-side versioning, you can eat all the Doughnuts you want!

I already have my costume designed. Mentally at least. While everyone else will be dressing as the predictable System.Data.SqlClient, or the angular System.Xml, I will be wowing my colleagues in a stunning garment fashioned to represent the dazzling System.ComponentModel.Design.Serialization namespace, with a very natty little IDesignerSerializationProvider hat.

And you can be sure there will be no Java drank on "Dot-Net Awareness" Day!

Even the little kids can join in. Imagine how unique your children will look, dressed in their little GUID costumes.

Hang on... the caffeine high is fading away now... hallucinations subsiding... no longer envisioning dot net as a bizarre series of monsters... must get on with work...


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