New Sniglet: An Ungument

An ungument is the complete opposite of an argument. And when you compare the difference between an ungument and an argument, you may realise that only an ungument has any merit.

An ungument is where two people converse, each of them willing to have their opinion changed by the other person.

Contrast this with an argument, where two people, each fixed in their own belief, use rhetoric and device to try and convince an audience that their opponent is wrong in their belief.

Unguments are just as feisty as arguments -- as a person may have many objections that need to be overcome before they will gratefully relinquish their old opinion.

Once an argument/ungument is concluded you may hear this kind of thought expressed by the loser/winner:

"Ah, I lost the argument, yes, but I won the ungument, and know more now than I once did. My fellow ungumenter has a way to go and hopefully one day he can lose his own arguments and gain an ungument for himself."

It's better to win an ungument than an argument.


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